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Portable temperature alarm/monitor


Animalarm (1 remote sensor included)
Currently Out of stock Let me know when the animalarm is back in stock
Additional Remote Sensors
*Corresponding animalarm required to function, total of 5 remote sensors with a single animalarm
Currently Out of stock Let me know when the animalarm is back in stock
Additional AAAA batteries (package of 2 batteries) Your price $3.75 each
($4.00 flat rate shipping in U.S. when ordered separately)
Data Plans should be ordered through the animalarm Customer Portal

animalarmUSA does not recommend leaving pets unattended in vehicles


When you leave your pet, do you worry about the air temperature of the environment your pet is in? What if there is a power outage during a storm? Your pet's environment could quickly get very cold or very hot. The animalarm takes the guesswork and stress out of changing temperatures whatever the environment. This battery-operated temperature alarm has a multitude of uses from advising you of potentially dangerous temperatures when travelling with your pet or simply leaving them home alone while you are at work. No need to worry with the animalarm.

This ingenious product will notify multiple recipients, of your choosing, by text message and/or email message that the temperatures YOU preset have been exceeded. On reaching your trigger temperatures the animalarm will send a notification and on every increment of 1°C / 2°F beyond your trigger temperature. The unit will send you a message when the temperature is back within the temperature limits you set.

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